Why Cruzu Wine Crowdfunding?

Today there are over 100,000 wineries in the world – mostly indie winemakers following a path that we all dream about. But the vast majority of these wineries are too small to access bank capital and have little opportunity to directly connect to the passionate wine enthusiasts who truly appreciate what they’re doing.

Cruzu is changing that. You help fund special winemaking projects and in return you will get the wine from these initiatives, a front-seat view of what it’s like to be a winemaker, and the knowledge that the bottle that ends up in your hands wouldn’t exist without you.

Launching in early 2015

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Winemakers create new projects

Small lot wines, vineyard development, winery additions, special events and stuff we haven’t even thought of.

Browse & fund the interesting ones

Find the producers who have the right mix of winemaking style, timeframe and rewards for your involvement.

Follow along & chat with project owner

Periodically, project owners will update you on the project and may even invite you in for a tasting when you’re in wine country.

Get awesome awards at project completion

Now that you’ve enabled the winemaker to pursue their passion, it’s time to celebrate project success with your rewards.

Tell us what type of projects you’d like to see.     
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