Cruzu helps you find great wine deals in restaurants and wine stores

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Sucker-Free Advice

What will a wine will taste like and will we like it? Where are the great deals? Should we take a chance on this wine we can’t even pronounce? Cruzu has analyzed data on over 500,000 wines and counting - what they smell like and taste like, their quality level and value. It combines this data with the venue’s inventory and your personal preferences to create precise, real-time advice so you drink better wine, get better value and feel more confident to explore.

Great Values

We all love deals, so job #1 is to find them. Ever pay $80 for a restaurant wine that sells for $12 in a store? We have, but it’s waaay better to be uncovering the well-priced gems.


What’s a great deal if you don’t like the wine? We have deep knowledge of what each wine tastes like, so tell us when you like and see future advice get better and better.

Built to Explore

Try new things you wouldn’t have before. Cruzu gives you +4 wine nerd points so soon enough you’ll be boring friends with your stories of amphora-fermented Verdicchio.

The New (Meta) Advisor

Cruzu has already digested 50 million pieces of data and is ready to serve.

Pro-caliber advice...

As a meta-advisor, Cruzu creates a consensus view of what professional wine critics say about the wines

...wherever you want it

Browse lists and prioritized recommendations ahead of time or when you arrive

Cut to the chase...

Before you arrive, Cruzu has crunched the wine list,  identified where the good stuff is and is ready to share

...or geek out

A control freak? No problem. Use Cruzu as a starting point and then slice and dice to find exactly what you’re looking for